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Friends & Family

A Town and its Kinfolk

Below, we’ve listed a variety of local vendors with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work. Not only do we hope this list will make it easier to plan your next event, but we also want it to serve as a surprise or maybe a gentle reminder that there are so many talented, ground-breaking, award-winning artists, chefs, caterers, florists, musicians, artisans, business-owners, writers, entrepreneurs, the list goes on and on, that are in and near Flora – Madison County’s GENUINE, small town.

These amazing vendors are not just an indispensable part of what makes an event at The Gin unforgettable, they are people we call our friends, folks we call family. So, here’s to our Friends & Family now and in the future.

And, we know we missed some of y’all in the list, so please reach out to us with your information by CLICKING HERE.


4Top catering
(601) 968-7575
Bless this Food
(601) 951-1426
The Flora Butcher
Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
(601) 939-4518
Loose Ends Catering and Floral
(601) 201-9112


Drake’s Designs Florist & Gifts, Inc.
(601) 957-6983
Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
(601) 939-4518
Loose Ends Catering and Floral
(601) 201-9112
Wisteria Lane
(601) 401-5006


the Cake Lady- Jackie Renfroe
(601) 941-5383
Cakes by Iris
(601) 540-6347
Cathy Hillman
(601) 940-3157
Charmed cakes
(601) 503-3344
That Special Touch
(601) 932-5223


Crowd Pleasers DJ
(601) 573-6162
DJ 51-50
(601) 372-0935
Scott Steele Entertainment
(601) 540-6467


All in a Memory Photography
(601) 906-0294
Crystal Marie Photography
Fran Twiner Photography
(601) 214-3494
Fullerton Photography
(601) 968-2775
Katelyn Ann Photography
Lisa Reams Photography


Colormake- Mississippi Video Production
(662) 719-1128
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